Gallery is a web–based, open–source picture book organizer, which provides you with an easy–to–navigate way to seamlessly combine your own personal image gallery within your web site, regardless if you are operating a small individual web site or a massive community site.

Gallery has a fully–fledged admin section, which will offer you absolute control over your pic gallery. You’ll be able to set up users and groups, to switch on and disable plugins, to handle reviews and watermark settings, etcetera. An internal online editor is going to permit you to set up photo albums, to post pictures and video clips, to alter and/or rotate photos, to tag albums/photos, to revise photo album permissions, to upload watermarks and more.

Gallery–Optimized Linux Shared Hosting Packages Services

If you’re searching for a Gallery Linux shared hosting packages vendor that will enable for your site to be on the web 24x7 and will ensure that you get the room you require all of your photos, you’re at the best place. At Incite Graphics we provide designed Gallery Linux shared hosting packages services with 99.9% service uptime guaranteed. At Incite Graphics, we ensure that you get unlimited disk space, unlimited traffic and infinite MySQL usage, so your gallery and site can grow without you ever having to worry about it.

We will furthermore deploy as well as set up Gallery for you right after the signup, so that it is going to be waiting for you to begin using it the instant you log into your account. In addition, we offer you 24x7 support. If you happen to encounter any difficulties with your Gallery website or with the hosting service, do not put off to get hold of us – the standard reply time for our technical support team is under 20 minutes.

A Point & Click Online Control Panel

With each and every of the Gallery Linux shared hosting packages services that we feature, you will be able to reap the benefits of our tailor–made Online Control Panel. It provides a completely new approach to take care of your web presence, uniting site control, domain management, billing and payment operations and technical support center in a single, bundle. No need for any extra panels.

Our control panel is designed to work together specifically with our custom–made shared hosting system. Thus, giving it a serious pro with regards to performance as well as reliability over almost every other control panel on the market. Also, we’ve included heaps of free–of–charge software tools and bonuses, that will help you take your site to the next level.